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Couple of months have passed. and here I am. living my life. with you beside me. it was funny from the first day we met. never thought i could fall for anyone else. but you knocked me at hello. so let’s make this journey goes happily..

Total Recall

Kamu. Aku. Di garis waktu yang sama.

Berdebat di bedanya masing kutub.

Namun bersisian di nyamannya sekumpulan momen.

Momen yang ternyata sulit kubuang jauh..   


Good to Feel Good

Look carefully to the title. Is it really me who wrote this?

I myself barely realized that most of my posts are all about sadness, disappointment and anger. The readers, especially those who don’t get to know me personally, could get wrong impression about me because of my ‘sorrow’ blog. But believe me, the inspiration comes smoother when you’re being sad, isn’t it?

But today, I quite find myself more peaceful. Bad things do occur. But I love you, my life. And it’s good to feel good like this 🙂  

“It’s late and I’m feeling so tired/ Having trouble sleeping/ This constant compromise between thinking and breathing/ Could it be I’m suffering because I’ll never give in?/ Won’t say that I’m falling in love/ Tell me I don’t seem myself/ Couldn’t I blame something else?/ Just don’t say I’m falling in love../ Cause I’ve been there before and it’s not enough/So nobody say/ Don’t even say it/I’ve got my eyes shut/ Won’t look/ Oh no, I’m not in love…”

Just don’t say I’m falling in love.. yeah rite Ine..

then why on earth you’re willing to cross the sea and the mountain for a thousand miles away..  just to see him?

Don’t I deserve a little hi from you just like we used to? What did I do wrong for not having it anymore?

I know you might see me as a ‘crazy person’ for being in love with you. But If I have other option, I wish I could have that. I wish I could treat you as I treat my other friends.  In the end, I just wish I don’t love you.

Because you (unitentionally) hurt me in some way. 

“….Ninety miles outside Chicago/ Can�t stop driving I don�t know why/ So many questions I need an answer/ 2 years later, he�s still on my mind/ Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?/ Who holds the stars up in the sky?/ Is true love just once in a lifetime?/ Did the captain of the Titanic cry?/Someday we�ll know If love can move a mountain/ Someday we�ll know Why the sky is blue/ Someday we�ll know Why I wasn�t meant for you/ Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?/ What the wind says when she cries?/ I�m speeding by the place that I met you/ For the 97th time tonight/Someday we�ll know If love can move a mountain/ Someday we�ll know Why the sky is blue/ Someday we�ll know Why I wasn�t meant for you/Someday we�ll know Why Samson loved Delilah/ One day I�ll go Dancing on the moon/ Someday you�ll know That I was the one for you/I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow/ And watched the stars crash into the sky/ If I could ask God just one question/Why aren�t you here with me tonight/ Someday we�ll know If love can move a mountain/ Someday we�ll know Why the sky is blue/ Someday we�ll know Why I wasn�t meant for you………………………”

Maybe someday we’ll find those answers in the end, why we’re not being together. I just wish I could have it at any time soon 😥

I’ll Find A Way

and the time want by swift
when you have love in your hand
and the sun that i call his
hold me tight and show me how to see

� this passion i show
yes i�m sure that you know
you cast your spell
on me darling
� you�re a shiver on my lips
you�re a tremble on my feet
you�re a rain on the share
the only thing i want to keep
when everything�s fallin down

so let the time goes day by day
with you in my mind
and in the end we will find love
that is our kind�a will find a way
to breathe this dream everyday

.. oh dear please come and dance with me
under the moonshine
baby it�s al right, it�s all right
it will be just fine
and i don�t have to say
that i adore you in everyday

Lagi-lagi teringat. Tapi hanya teringat. Ingin merengkuh, namun hanya ingin. I adore you in everyday

Ah. Kangen. Tapi cuma bisa disampaikan di post ini. Being in the same city, doesn’t make any change. Even make it worse. A different way of feeling does make it real worse. Ah again, it’s never been easy.. I’ve asked myself why for zillion times, even couldn’t find the logical answer. Ya Allah, kuatkan hatiku jika memang akhirnya dia orangnya… 😥

Bravo, Ms. Fake!

It could be the most difficult task in the world. For pretending that you don’t give a damn about a thing/a person/a problem or anything, but in fact you do care about it. And that’s exactly how I felt when I was sitting next to you. I put my mask to cover what’s inside, and switch on my Ms. Fake system, so you won’t have any idea about the deepest feeling I have for you. *sorry if the reader wanna puke at this moment :p*

Then why it seems so damn difficult?

1. Because I do have a feeling for you. The purest statement- for all this time. While at the same time, I must act like the opposite one.

2. The way of you look at me. I can feel it, it’s different.

3. I still haven’t got the answer. And the worst part, I can’t bear any of rejection.

But let’s keep it this way.

Sometimes you just need to forget how you feel and remember what you deserve, right? 

So bravo, Ms. Fake!

*Dibuat dalam keadaan sangat sadar, pasrah, antara sedih tapi harus tegar*

Play Loose!

Beberapa hari yang lalu, aku diramal oleh seseorang yang hasilnya agak mencengangkan.

I couldn’t tell you the details, but I can conclude that. I can’t ‘hold’ him too tight. At least I know, he once liked me. Haha. But I might need his feeling to come back as it used to… So Ine, play loose! Don’t make too much!

So let it be what it’ll be
Don’t make a fuss and get crazy over you and me
Here’s what I’ll do
I’ll play loose
It’s not like we have a date with destiny