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And finally.. this the second part of my winter trip to Hong Kong!

Day 4:

We started the day with me and him jogging around Victoria Road. Then our adventure began at Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island. It was so exciting when we took cable car to reach the village, although some times I was terrified when the wind blew so hard on us and reached to see Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and we got our lunch at Abenezeer. After lunch, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui, another shopping spot in Hong Kong. We passed Kowloon Park to reach Harbour City, one of the biggest malls in HK. Then we jumped on Star Ferry to reach Central, anyway this ferry is highly recommended, it’s a great way to see the view of the city. In the afternoon, we took bus to get to the Peak. The journey is quite fascinating because we can see Hong Kong at night with its beautiful city lights.  We decided to go home by bus, after seeing many people was queuing at the line of Peak Tram.

Day 5:

We wandered around Mongkok and finally found Hui Lau Shan, the well-known dessert place in town. We shared mango dessert, and it tasted so delicious! Mango puree, mango slices, mango dices, mango ice cream – every single possible way of eating mango in a nice and chilled manner, they have it all covered. Yum yum!   Then go to the famous Ladies Market to buy souvenirs with bargained prices. At night, we saw Symphony of Light from Tsim Sha Tsui promenade. It was beautiful, as the famous skycrapers in Central performing a stunning light show. Glad we had our best position to see the view at that night. From the same promenade, we also visited the Avenue of Stars. Unfortunately, most of the hand prints are from Asian celebrities we barely knew anything about.

Day 6:

On the sixth day, we planned to see his office together in Central, but unlucky me.. I left my octopus card at the apartment, so we went back home before reaching Citibank Tower in Central. Then we decided to dedicate our time by hopping on a tram! Locally known as ‘ding ding’, the tram is one of the things you must try to see the real Hong Kong, all for HK$ 2! After wandering around the Hong Kong Island, We visited Hong Kong Park, Pacific Place and had our last dinner at Yoshinoya.

Day 7:

There was nothing much we can do because it was our last day in Hong Kong. After saying goodbye to Tin Hau, we took taxi from the apartment to HKIA in the morning. Had our breakfast at Burger King in the airport. It was such a rush time for us, because we spent so much time to buy chocolate until we forgot the actual time to check in. But then again.. We finally reach the plane on time. Back to Singapore and then Jakarta.

WHAT A HOLIDAY……. Love love love!

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I’d like to re-cap a bit about my vacation in Hong Kong. I know it’s been months, but better late than never right?

So here we go..

1st day:

We arrived in Hong Kong at 12 pm. Before we landed, the Tiger pilot had informed us that the temperature reached 6C that day and it was the coldest weather in Hong Kong. Though I can say proudly that this is my first winter experience I’ve ever had in my entire life! So whatever the weather looked like, we were so excited! We easily took Airport Express from HKIA to the city and reached Hong Kong Station. We wandered around IFC Mall while we were waiting for him to come and pick us up. Getting to H&M in Queen’s Road Central and buying a pair of boots around Central became our main agenda during the day.  Glad we successfully grabbed something in our first three hours in the city, yihaa! And it was ended by a nice dinner at Cafe de Coral.

2nd day:

It’s time for Disneyland! We took MTR to Tung Chung Station and stopped at Sunny Bay Station to get another train that will take us to the resort. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the Disney parade that day because the program was stopped during the whole month. Actually, it’s my second time to visit the theme park. Nothing much has changed, though I still love this place!  After that, we went shopping to Citygate Outlets. There are many branded outlets like Mango, Guess, Esprit, Adidas, Crocs, etc. But my high hopes went off when I realized that I couldn’t buy any of them because apparently the items were not so good at that time. Then we finished the day by eating delicious vietnamese food in Vietnam Pho around Tin Hau, near our apartment.   

3rd day:

We woke up earlier to catch our ferry to Macau. Thank God, we bought the ticket a day before so we can estimate how long it will take to reach the terminal in Shun Tak Centre, Sheung Wan from Tin Hau. We took Turbojet to get to Macau and it took about 1.5 hours. Arrived in Macau, we were in a bit hurry because we had to go back to the terminal by 3 pm. So we decided to visit Ruins of St. Paul Church and The Venetian shortly. It was such a shame after we stepped into Macau, because we should have been spending more time in this lovely city. They have so many beautiful old buildings, it felt like we were travelling around Europe haha. Senado Square is definitely amazing, it is paved with a wave-patterned mosaic color stones created by the Portuguese. And casinos are all over the place! I’ve never been there before, so it feels like I were being in the middle of James Bond’ movies or something. And the best part of Macau is trying to taste that famous egg tart in Senado Square. So yummy! At 3 pm, we went back to Hong kong and spent the rest of the day shopping in Times Square, Causeway Bay.

I spent Valentine’s day watching Duncan Sheik’ gigs at Hard Rock Cafe.

Can’t believe that he finally came to Indonesia!

I love it when he sang ‘Half Life’..

“I don’t mind a few mysteries
they can stay that way it’s fine by me
and you are another mystery i am missing

It takes so much out of me to pretend

maybe, I need to see the daylight
to leave behind this half-life
don’t you see I’m breaking down..” 

Total Recall

Kamu. Aku. Di garis waktu yang sama.

Berdebat di bedanya masing kutub.

Namun bersisian di nyamannya sekumpulan momen.

Momen yang ternyata sulit kubuang jauh..   


“It’s late and I’m feeling so tired/ Having trouble sleeping/ This constant compromise between thinking and breathing/ Could it be I’m suffering because I’ll never give in?/ Won’t say that I’m falling in love/ Tell me I don’t seem myself/ Couldn’t I blame something else?/ Just don’t say I’m falling in love../ Cause I’ve been there before and it’s not enough/So nobody say/ Don’t even say it/I’ve got my eyes shut/ Won’t look/ Oh no, I’m not in love…”

Just don’t say I’m falling in love.. yeah rite Ine..

then why on earth you’re willing to cross the sea and the mountain for a thousand miles away..  just to see him?

I’ll See You There!

Having fun with friends always brings you great happiness.

We went to the Zoo and the Mall *such a big gap huh?*

But we had soooo much fun indeed 😉

Akhir-akhir ini saya merasa sedang amat bosan. Ntah mungkin karena rutinitas yang terus membelenggu. Halah.. But that’s the truth.. Capek rasanya mengulangi hal-hal yang hampir sama setiap harinya. Ngantor, pulang ke rumah, bbm-an sampai tiba waktu makan malam, baca buku, lalu tidur. Besok paginya, seperti mengulang kembali.. *seka keringat*

Makanya, 2 minggu kemarin saya agak melakukan hal-hal yang menyimpang. *dalam arti yang positif loh ya*

1. Mangga Dua Trip

Ok. Mungkin berbelanja bisa dikatakan bukan hal yang menyimpang, karena itu termasuk rutinitas saya sehari-hari yang membuat kantong sakit. Tapi ke Mangga Dua all by myself? It’s quite an experience! Jadi tau rute dari rumah menuju kesana, dan berbelanja dengan puas karena berhasil nawar dengan harga yang pantas. Berjalan-jalan 7 jam bener-bener ga berasa *dasar cewek :P*

2. Bersepeda di Ragunan Minggu Pagi

MENYENANGKAN! Percaya tidak? Kalau saya terakhir naik sepeda waktu jaman SMP. hahaha, ternyata masih inget langkah2nya. *Yaeyalah..*. Dan itu pertama kalinya juga datang ke Ragunan (yang ternyata sangat2 luas yaa..). Walaupun mostly disana saya cuma bersepeda, lihat2 berbagai jenis burung dan melihat tingkah laku pengunjung yang kebanyakan happy family, tapi rasanya jadi nagih untuk bisa bersepeda lagi kapan-kapan.  

3. Hang Out with Old Buddies

Biasanya saya paling males kalo mau main tapi suasana mood ga kondusif, ntah itu hujan atau macet. Tapi kemarin saya benar-benar mengalahkan mood saya itu dengan keukeuh pergi untuk ketemu teman-teman lama di Kemang. It was fun! Although I was not in my best shape at that time (belum keramas, super kurang tidur) tapi demi meruntuhkan segala kebosanan yang ada, I did it anyway!

Jadi ga sabar untuk menuliskan nomor 4 untuk hal-hal yang bisa mengurangi kebosanan saya…. Wait and see! 🙂

It’s time to cheer up my mood by having this double Cocoberry Waffles at Pancious with my cousins. 

Singapore Trip: Day 4

It’s a mix feeling, antara senang dan sedih..senang karena liburan yang menyenangkan tapi juga sedih karena harus kembali ke Jakarta siang ini.. huhuhu.. But before we go to the airport, kami menyempatkan diri pergi untuk foto2 di Merlion dan Esplanade. Berhubung saat itu hari Senin, kami berjubelan dengan pekerja-pekerja disana.. Wuiihh.. mereka gesit banget ya dan semuanye bergerak ala robot.. hahaha..

Meskipun kami harus buru-buru pergi ke Changi untuk pulang, tapi dasar wanita.. Kami sempat2nya jalan-jalan ke Changi untuk melihat toko-tokonya.. D’oh! Tapi hasilnya sepadan.. There’s a sale at Crocs and I bought a pair of flip flops. Much more cheaper than in Indo, yay!

Akhirnya kami pun lepas landas menuju Jakarta.. I’ve had so much time in this holiday indeed!  

Can’t wait for my next trip to East Asia! *winkwink*